A chance encounter

The rays of the sun were penetrating through the glass windows of the cafe while I sipped my morning coffee. A pleasant morning awaited for my monotonous routine of the day-roam the streets of the city in search of a job, added with the frustration of not having sex past one year, since my ex dumped me happily in less than a month’s time.

An unpleasant search for a job coupled with a throbbing cock in the pants isn’t an easy ordeal for any man in his early-twenties. In such a situation, fate decided to let me have some relief on the latter front at least on this memorable day.

I had somehow saved some money earlier and that was helping me live without begging now. Doing menial jobs everyday was involuntary, so that I earn some measly amount at least for that day. I finished my coffee and started my journey of searching for jobs, almost anywhere and everywhere and so I set off to a location nearby to a Mall, where I might land a job.

After almost 3 hours of searching for a job, I entered the Mall for my nature call and just as I was walked out from the exit, I saw a cute and busty MILF standing by the side, struggling to hold all the items she had bought. I lingered nearby to her place for a few seconds and thought of offering my help, but she caught me staring at her and,

“Excuse me, would you mind helping me carry all this stuff to the car?

“Sure, Not a problem.” I took more than half of the items she was holding and walked along, learning that she had sprained her hand in the process of holding so many items.

“Thank you so much!” All through the walk, I didn’t shy away from staring at her daunting curves and it felt as though she was comfortable with me after my introduction. Her swaying hips was too good a sight for my eyes and her plentiful boobs further kindled the fire in my cock to rise above the shackles!

We finally reached her car and I placed all the items in it. During the course of walking, she had told me where she lived and I took it as an advantage saying I had some work in the same area as hers. Considering her sprained arm and my help, she was more than happy to return my favour by giving a ride.

We set off at a good pace and I felt my driving skill would help me bag some naughty chance today! Suddenly she said,

“It’s a good thing that you noticed me stranded over there, most of them were busy in their own world.” I somewhat felt as though she was already vying for me with this statement!

“Yeah, it’s a good co-incidence and it has helped me too!” She gave me a peck on my cheeks after I said this and placed her hands on my thighs. It was too much for my cock to handle and he started rising a bit. All that passed was a seductive smile from her and I knew I was in for a treat.

We reached her house and obviously I had to help her in unloading all the stuff. With my hands fully loaded, some item fell of my hands accidentally and she had to get that thing as she was walking in-front of me. She easily picked the item from the ground and to my luck, I saw her complete boobs staring into my eyes and she caught me staring at her so-fuckable cleavage, just smiled again and went in front.

By now my cock was throbbing like hell and as soon as all the stuff were placed, she locked the door, inviting me for a drink. I didn’t want to lose this moment and I just grabbed her fleshy hips and started kissing her luscious lips all over.

“Looks like we have more things to take care of and we have to help each other properly!”, she said after giving me the sexiest lip lock.

“All I want is your sexy body and let me savour it properly babe!”

I started pressing her tits slowly and continuous low moans started from her side and slowly I started sucking her sexy,protruding nipples. Her hands were already checking out my 7-inch tool with uncontrolled enthusiasm and her busty frame was dancing to my actions. I removed her sexy-laced bra with my teeth and the sensation was so much in her that she started shagging me faster over my pants!

Kissing and spreading my saliva on her cute navel made her shiver like a patient and she made no mistake is ripping out my jeans, thus revealing the monster. A passionate kiss followed and our salivas were dripping all over the body and she got down to business quickly.

LESS TALK MORE WORK policy was just our motto for that spectacular moment which we didn’t want to waste even for a single second.

Her wholesome lips kissed the pre-cum smeared head of my cock and I almost collapsed, unable to control the sensations. The look she gave with her seductive eyes while sucking my cock was so seductive and her technique was flawless. Going up and down, stroking it slowly with her soft hands, she sucked,licked every inch of the cock from top to bottom. I was drenched in ecstasy and took control and started fucking her busty boobs with a lot of vigour. Titfucking a busty pair of tits was a completely new experience to me and I was lost for words, with the continuous moaning from both sides. Less than a minute into it, I cummed in loads and loads on her tits itself. All she could say after this was,

“Good stamina, good load, hard cock, not bad baby!”

“Thanks! Now let me show you how I suck.”, saying so I removed her wet panty and kissed her strong smelling pussy. A thunderbolt must have struck her, she pushed my face completely into her pussy and I was forced to start licking it. More than one year had passed since I saw a pussy and here I was relishing a MILF pussy sucking it clean and inserting my tongue slowly. Her pussy juices were leaking slowly and this I took it as the right time to insert for my throbbing cock which had recovered excellently.

She gave me a condom to wear and slowly I inserted my hard cock inside her wet,juicy pussy. It slid easily into it and pleasure moans were erupting out of her.

“Ahhh, Fuck me hard baby, I need this badly!”

Gathering my pace, I took control in the missionary position and started humping her wildly. The sight of bouncing boobs were eternal and I pinched her nipples till they were pure red! All the pinching and my humping was probably too much for her to handle and she started cumming in torrents! Juices flowing like water! I felt happy to have made her cum this fast and I shifted my position to doggy style to get a deeper role.

Not wasting a moment I used all my energy to fuck her like a dog, her bouncing boobs below, her swaying ass and I took my cock out at the right time and again cummed with all my might, titfucking her. My cum spread all over her face and boobs and she finally caught some breath to say,

“I hope your coming to this place is justified and you got your job done baby!”

“Yeah, of course, I had a great time with you!”, I replied getting ready to shower.

Well, I surely got my job done relating to my throbbing cock and as a token for my “helping nature”, she gave me some money and also pleaded with me to give her some much needed company when she was alone.

A fresh bath sufficed to end our refreshing encounter and I departed happily at how things worked out, at least on one of the fronts, and dreamt of returning to her abode of pleasure soon.


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