Crazy bus encounter

A surprise encounter with a mature lady was the least I was expecting on a Friday night, after a busy day at work.
I had worked overtime that day and was leaving office an hour later than usual.
The city buses were even more crowded at late nights and I knew I had to endure a long, hard journey back home.
I got on to the bus, literally squeezing through people, barely able to make it past the foot-board, where all the youngsters were thrilled to stand at!
All the pushing and wading helped me somehow stand at some place and incidentally, the bus was so overcrowded that number of ladies were more and they were standing too.
The position I was standing was very near to the ladies section of the bus and I was practically surrounded by mature ladies. My fate, I felt.
With all the surrounding madness for space, I was somehow able to stand comfortably by adjusting myself and unfortunately, my dick was touching an aunt’s ass, who was standing right in front of me. It was nearly impossible to stand in a way not touching her and she noticed it and turned back.
Just to make it clear, I said that there was no space and apologized. She just laughed heartily and winked at me.
The bus was moving at a medium pace and since I was surrounded with ladies, the touching was not visible.
The mature aunt was getting closer to me and it felt as though she was pushing her ass into my dick, over a period of time.
It was too much for my dick to handle and I started reciprocating by humping her in the ass, thinking it is her plan anyway.

I was surprised she responded coolly and she was fucking me back very hard with her ass and it felt great with the space constraint and no one was aware of this, since the bus was anyway overcrowded.
My dick had grown to its full size and the cunning aunt slowly put her hand back and caught hold of my balls and started squeezing them slowly.
She was wearing a saree and looked so sexy and her hips were visible to me from the backside. Not wanting to miss this chance, I pinched her curvy waist and slowly slipped my hands downwards, while she continued humping me.
To surprise her even more, I suddenly pushed my hand into her saree, to feel her pussy. She was shell-shocked and got scared that anyone might see and made remove it. As a return gift she started humping me faster and squeezed my balls gently, while I felt her smooth hips.
In less than a minute of her fast humping and squeezing, I got very excited and felt that I may cum in my pants! I whispered this to her and she got so excited and humped me even faster.

I cummed in torrents in my pants and was exhausted with all the action. She turned back, winked at me and got down at her stop soon, while I was a satisfied man, relieved of his work stress in a crowded city bus.


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