Rainy day helped me grab a meaty ass

It was raining in torrents since a few days and I didn’t take much precaution before venturing out, hoping that there would be no rain. Unfortunately, on the way while returning from shopping, heavy rain started pouring and I was quite far from my house. I ran from the bus-stop to the nearest house that was visible and waited for the rain to reduce. The rain never ceased one bit and it actually got heavier, forcing me to knock on the doors of the unknown.

Draped in a saree that stuck to her voluptuous body, her sexy attire somehow matched to the romantic atmosphere that surrounded us. I was spell-bound looking at her curvaceous figure which was apparently visible even in that dim light.

“Hello?!”, came the voice from the lady standing in-front of me.
My momentary lapse of concentration came back and I said “It’s raining too heavily, can I come inside?”
“Sure, come in!”, pat came the reply and I hurriedly went inside.

The candle light was glowing in the center of the hall and I watched as she walked in front of me swinging her might ass like a pro. The cool weather and her ass was too much for my cock and soon my hard-on was visible through my pants.
She told me to sit down while she brought a towel for me to dry.
Since my hair was very wet, she offered to dry it for me, which I could not refuse!
She started drying my hair, sitting in front of me and her sexy tits were juggling like balls in front of my eyes! Ahh! That sight made my cock even harder and I did get a sensation that tonight I might have good fun.

She told me that she works as a maid in a few houses all day and is still un-married. I was shocked to hear that she works a maid and even more when I learnt she was single! I knew it was my chance you the romantic situation to work out something erotic. She finally stopped drying my hair and told me she would bring me some hot tea. As she was preparing the tea in the kitchen, I grabbed her sexy ass with my strong hands and pushed my hard dick onto it. As I went closer, her breathing got heavier and her resistance was decreasing every second.

“I needed this!”, was all she could say in that situation!

I started grinding her ass with my hard cock over the clothes itself and my hands went to her round boobs, which were so very soft. She moaned like a tigress full of passion and her heavy tits heaved up and down every time I pinched her cute nipples.
Wasting no time, I disrobed her in quick time and she turned to give me mouthful of kissed until our lips hurt. She was too quick in removing my pant and her boobs were so plentiful that I sucked them on forever and forever. I kissed her sexy navel and meanwhile she tore my underwear and was stroking my hard cock as fast as possible with every kiss I gave to her sexy body. Her moans were stronger now and she voluntarily went down, taking my huge cock insider her mouth.

“Ahhhh, Oh my god, your mouth is so fucking good baby!”
She slurped on my cock like an icecream and I doubted I would last long with her master technique. My moans were increasing every second and I decided to stop her before I cummed too early.
I cupped her lovely tits and fucked them and she too started enjoying it.
All through the act, her pussy unused for a long time, was leaking like a river and I went down on her licking and sucking her pussy. Every time I twirled my tongue, she thrust my head more into her and started moaning harder. I took her to a different level and suddenly inserted my hard cock to give her a surprise and she yelped in pleasure. Using all my strength, I started fucking her hot pussy in missionary and her pussy walls were so accommodating that I felt my cock was elongating even more.

Since both of us were very horny, the speed I maintained was quite high and her orgasm was so monstrous that in less than a minute I cummed inside her and it was ages since I had cummed so much.

Finally after all the enjoyment, she said, “You satisfied me completely at the most correct time and I will never forget you!”.
I sucked on her tits for some more time before we took a hot shower together for another round of hot foreplay.


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