The figure in the room

The sound of shower was very clear in the background. I was hiding under the cot for a few seconds, and by the time I could get up, the door creaked. I moved further back and crawled within the space available under the cot.
A pair of lovely feet strode across from the bathroom. Bang. A light blue towel falls down suddenly. The person starts humming a song and I confirm that she is a lady!

I slowly crawl away to the other end of the cot and try to take a peek from the side of the cot. The lady was so much sexier than I had ever imagined. She was drying her hair happily humming along a melodious song. The sexy figure I was seeing from behind was so irresistible to watch. Curvy. Fleshy. Soft.

I ended up in this sexy situation thanks to the pack of dogs that came running out of nowhere, and some of them chased me until I jumped into the balcony of this sexy babe and went into her room sweating profusely.

She was sitting drying her healthy hair. All this was too much for my cock to control. Watching the sexy back, I opened my zip and flipped out my throbbing cock. It was in full force, which was no surprise. That sexy waist was too hot to handle.

I started stroking my cock like a monster. I was so engrossed watching her figure and stroking, that after a few minutes I started moaning slowly. I suddenly realized that I was in my own world, dreaming, with the hard cock in my hand, only to realize that the sexy lady was looking straight at me. With big sexy eyes. Standing naked in front of me. The moaning had become so much that the lady realized there was someone inside her room.

Her sexy lips were now wide open, as though ready to suck my dick till my balls were drained. My huge cock enticed the lady and she slowly brought me up to her bed and started kissing like a wild beast. Ahhhhh. The ensuring pleasure was too much that I don’t think it can be described!!


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