Washroom sexcapade!

My big tits are my priced assets that I adore, and these jugs have got me into trouble sometimes, whereas lady-luck has shined on me in other situations.

I was least expecting the lady to surprise me with a stupendous gift that day. It was during the interval time of the movie screening.

No sooner the intermission cards rolled onto the screen, I scrambled quickly in search of the bathroom. I had to attend nature call before I burst out in the open. Such was the pressure.

As I neared the ladies restroom, a handsome hunk came out from the adjacent men’s room. The guy was well-built and impressed me instantly. Drafting a sexy look at him, I pushed myself into the restroom, all the while realizing that the guy was ogling at my boobs.

Relieved, I came out of the compartment, and to my absolute surprise, the handsome was standing there, right in front of my door! A moment of shock was swiftly replaced by his smart action : he grabbed my heaving boobs and took me inside the compartment, and locked the door behind him.

The look in his eyes, the power in his hands were enough to convince me to enjoy this episode! The hunk made no mistake in directly removing my bra, and pinching my hard  nipples.

We were in a rush. A rush to explore each other’s bodies. My boobs were in his mouth now.

He removed his pant in a jiffy and undid his underwear to unravel a monstrous cock that was dripping with his pre-cum. I quickly got down to business, sucking the hard cock like a lollipop, making sure that the saliva bonded well.

Two, three strokes with my mouth sufficed for the hunk to get excited, and he started fucking my mouth, all the while making my nipples red.

I tried deep-throating, but it was clearly not easy, so cleverly I brought his hard cock out and placed it between my huge tits, spitting enough saliva to lubricate the titfuck.

Mark my word guys. Till now, no man lasted more than a minute with my tits, and the combo of titfucking and continuous blowjob were too much for the hunk to handle.

The hunk was probably fucking such huge tits for the first time, and just after a minute he blew his load in torrents, my boobs could hardly contain the quantum of cum. I slurped and sucked in happiness, having tamed a well-built hard cock in 60 seconds again!!



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