Washroom sexcapade!

My big tits are my priced assets that I adore, and these jugs have got me into trouble sometimes, whereas lady-luck has shined on me in other situations. I was least expecting the lady to surprise me with a stupendous gift that day. It was during the interval time of the movie screening. No sooner […]

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Rock hard in the dark

Fifty shades of grey had released a week back. The steamy scenes in the movie were well received, and for a single guy like me, it was sensuous news. Watching erotic movies and jacking off in an empty theater was my usual habit. Fifty shades of grey arrived at the right time, and I didn’t […]

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The figure in the room

The sound of shower was very clear in the background. I was hiding under the cot for a few seconds, and by the time I could get up, the door creaked. I moved further back and crawled within the space available under the cot. A pair of lovely feet strode across from the bathroom. Bang. […]

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A chance encounter

The rays of the sun were penetrating through the glass windows of the cafe while I sipped my morning coffee. A pleasant morning awaited for my monotonous routine of the day-roam the streets of the city in search of a job, added with the frustration of not having sex past one year, since my ex […]

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Crazy bus encounter

A surprise encounter with a mature lady was the least I was expecting on a Friday night, after a busy day at work. I had worked overtime that day and was leaving office an hour later than usual. The city buses were even more crowded at late nights and I knew I had to endure […]

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