Rock hard in the dark

Fifty shades of grey had released a week back. The steamy scenes in the movie were well received, and for a single guy like me, it was sensuous news.

Watching erotic movies and jacking off in an empty theater was my usual habit. Fifty shades of grey arrived at the right time, and I didn’t want to miss it.

I happily went to a well-known theater on a weekend, hoping to find more empty seats. Surprisingly, many seats were occupied and I got a good seat by luck.

The film started soon without any problems, and I was comfortably seated. The theater was almost film, and by the continuous giggling beside me, I guessed that there were a group of girls next to me.

The sexy scenes in the movie didn’t take much time to start, and I was slowly growing hard in my pants. But, this time a full audience occupied the theater, and it was considerably tough to masturbate without getting noticed.

I had fortunately brought a bag, and using that as shield, I tactfully undid my buttons, and brought my monster cock out. The stark darkness in the theater helped.

By this time, I was sure that a girl was sitting beside me. I had to be extra careful. Keeping my bag as a cover, I slid my right hand inside, and started stroking my cock. The erotic scene playing was too hot to handle.

The eroticism was too much, and I couldn’t help letting out a loud moan. I was too engrossed in the gravity of the scene, stroking hard, that I didn’t care of the audience.

My moan was probably too loud, and I realized this only when I felt some soft,cold hands on my cock, stroking it with me! To my extreme horror, it was the girl next to me helping me.

I turned to my left to check the girl, but all I could make out was an outline. The heaving boobs could be clearly seen. I offered more room for those soft, accommodating hands to clasp my already throbbing cock.

My free left hand went for her boobs, simultaneously as the lead actor was pressing the heroine’s soft boobs. My cock being taken of, the up-down motion being supported by a feminine hand was heaven, and my urge went spiralling upward, when I touched her mighty boobs.

The softness of her boobs was a stimulus for my cock to grow harder, and a glorious scene of fucking was displayed on the huge screen further fuelling my seeping dick.

The precum was flowing through her hands and she graciously fastened her hand-action for me. The nearing point was turning out to be a beautiful experience with every passing moment.

Sexy fucking, bouncing boobs scenes on the screen, soft, huge boobs to squeeze and slurp on while an innocent hand masturbating you to climax was so unreal. I whispered to my helper that I was near to cumming.

A completely unexpected thing happened as soon as I finished saying this. The girl slowly positioned herself such that it looked to the others that she was sleeping on my lap.

The babe took my dick in her mouth, and squeezed my balls hard, while I caressed her boobs. The tingling sensation was rising exponentially  thanks to her warm mouth and soft lips.

I clutched her boobs tightly, bit my teeth as hard as possible, and cummed in torrents in her sexy mouth, as she squeezed every bit of it from my balls all the while treating me with stupendous skills with her tongue.

I was completely wasted by the end of it, and the proud girl smiled happily with my cum in her mouth. The couple on screen were still fucking.


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